Terms and Conditions

WWW.INDIACHICBAZAR.COM aims to be a virtual commercial store for the promotion and commercialization of INDIA CHIC products.

By accessing the EStore the user automatically adheres to the provisions found in this document, called Terms and Conditions of Use, which must be strictly respected.

These Terms and Conditions of Use incorporate the Privacy Policy and the Purchase, Exchange and Return Policy, as well as any other rules or terms that may be provided on specific pages of the WWW.INDIACHICBAZAR.COM site and/or communicated to Users by notice.

INDIA CHIC is available to clarify any doubts.

1. Definitions

1.1. Users: Any person browsing the site WWW.INDIACHICBAZAR.COM.

1.2. Customer: Any User who establishes a purchase or use the site to purchase products on the site WWW.INDIACHICBAZAR.COM.

1.3. Restricted personal area: Section of the INDIA CHIC site accessed by the User through the use of login and password.

1.4. Login: Identification chosen by the User when completing the registration for access to the restricted personal area and exclusive functionalities of the site WWW.INDIACHICBAZAR.COM.

1.5. Password: Set of characters that serves as proof of identity of the User, whose knowledge must be exclusive, personal and unique.

1.6. Registration Data: Set of personal information of a User in a way that differentiates it from others, such as identity card number, residential or business address, full name and others.

2. Navigation

2.1. To view some content available on the site WWW.INDIACHICBAZAR.COM, it will be necessary to install the Adobe Flash Player application, in addition to Java Script resources and cookies enabled in the browser.

2.2. The User is responsible for installing/enabling such resources in his/her computer equipment, as well as keeping it safe, through the use of security tools, such as antivirus and firewalls.


Unless otherwise provided or notified, the site WWW.INDIACHICBAZAR.COM will seek to keep all content available 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 07 (seven) days a week, based on the official schedule of Chile. However, it does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access to the site.

2.3.1. The Site may be unavailable from time to time due to :

(i) technical and/or operational maintenance requiring the removal of the Site from the air or making access to the Site impossible,

ii) acts of God or force majeure;

iii) actions of third parties that prevent the availability of the site;

iv) interruption or suspension of the services provided by telecommunications service providers; and

v) occurrence of transmission failures and/or Internet access failures, among others.

3. Registration

3.1. Taking into account the existence of free navigation pages, the acquisition of any product published on the site WWW.INDIACHICBAZAR.COM will only be given through the completion of a registration procedure by the User.

3.1.1. The registration will involve the creation of an exclusive navigation profile, which will enable the User to access a restricted personal area, in addition to the implementation of specific activities and participation in loyalty programs.

3.1.2. Information on the processing of personal data provided at registration may be obtained from our Privacy Policy.

3.2. When registering, the User undertakes to provide true and updated information about himself/herself and his/her legal guardian, in case of being under 18 (eighteen) years old, as well as to keep such information updated.

3.2.1. The User, therefore, may subsequently view and change his/her registration data at any time by accessing his/her personal restricted area.

3.3. During registration, the User will express his express consent to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the site WWW.INDIACHICBAZAR.COM, through an electronic validation procedure, whose record will be stored securely.

3.4. The User will receive, in his e-mail, a message regarding the confirmation of his registration on the site WWW.INDIACHICBAZAR.COM.

3.5. In the event that the User does not agree with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the INDIA CHIC site, it will not be possible for the User to perform the activities inherent to the exclusive navigation profiles.

3.6. The User who is not subscribed to the newsletter mailing list may subscribe to it at any time. The User may also unsubscribe from the newsletter mailing list at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the body of the newsletter itself.

3.7. During the registration process, the user must create a personal, non-transferable and confidential password.

3.7.1. This password must contain a minimum of 6 characters, including letters, numbers, and special characters and must be difficult to guess, so it is not recommended to use sequences of letters and numbers, names of close relatives and/or special dates.

3.7.2 The user shall be responsible for the security of his/her password, and must change it immediately in the event that he/she knows or suspects that it has been discovered by a third party.

3.7.3. In case of forgetfulness, the User may request the sending of his/her password to his/her registered e-mail, in the item "I have forgotten my password".

3.8. The User may subsequently cancel his registration, at any time, by accessing his personal restricted area in the item "Cancellation of registration".

3.8.1. Eventual cases of suspicion or distrust in the User will be treated independently, as provided in our Purchase Policy, an integral part of these Terms of Use.

3.8.2. Eventual cases of non-compliance with civil and criminal liabilities, Users violating these Terms of Use will be dealt with independently.